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Made with locally grown blackberries from Circleville and Johnstown that are preserved in July and August to use throughout the year. A little tart and a little sweet, just like a freshly plucked blackberry off the vine. 


Cutie pies are perfect for your holiday gatherings! Bite sized pies of flaky all-butter pastry filled with seasonal fruit fillings. 

Baked fresh to order, best eaten within two days. Reheat in oven/toaster oven 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes to enjoy them at their best. Freeze up to 3 months and reheat in oven. Price is for 1 dozen cutie pies. 


Curbside Pickup Location: 825 Kenwick Rd Columbus OH 43209


Blackberry Cutie Pies 1 dozen (December)

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