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Pie is Love

I believe that making and sharing pie is the expression of love and connection. Pie is my grandma, busy in the kitchen while granddaddy picks black raspberries in the backyard. Pie is my granny, making enough food for twenty people to feed our family of four. And pie is my loving parents and brother, sharing a Thanksgiving meal with friends from next door, or from the other side of the world. I started making pies to recreate these memories, and now I share them with you. All my pies are made by hand from scratch, with careful attention to flavor and texture. I strive to bring you and your loved ones joy through a taste of pie!

Locally Sourced = Support Our Neighbors 

Before starting Ohio Pies, I worked on small organic farms for ten years. I learned firsthand that produce tastes better when it’s freshly picked. In addition to preferring the taste of locally produced goods, I am a strong believer in supporting our local economy. The corporate food system harms the environment, abuses animals, strips food of it's nutrition, and exploits workers. Buying local means I know my farmers and I can see how they raise their animals and grow their produce. When you buy Ohio Pies, you are supporting local farmers and producers who work hard to put quality food on our tables.

Organic = Better for Humans, Animals, and the Planet

When food is certified organic it means it was grown without the use of toxic chemicals. I choose organic whenever possible because I do not want harmful chemical residue in my pies. Equally as important, I want to support farmers who do not expose their workers to toxic chemicals, and who are using practices that don’t endanger the environment. Chemicals from farms can enter our waterways and mess with natural ecosystems. I buy from local farmers who use organic practices or who spray as little as possible, and who let their animals roam free. When I can’t source ingredients locally, I buy organic and fair trade from responsible companies.

Biodegradable Packaging = Composting for the Future

Most of my packaging is biodegradable, and some is even locally produced! This means over time it will decompose instead of living indefinitely in the environment. I am continuing to learn and adapt to create the smallest environmental footprint possible with my business. I practice recycling and composting at my home bakery.

"I am driven by the desire to make people happy with pies that are the best they can possibly be." 


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