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Made exclusively with locally grown apples, mostly from Branstool Orchard and Hirsch Fruit Farm. It took me years to get this one right, and now it's everything I want in an apple pie. Sweet, tart, juicy, and lightly spiced apples are wrapped in a flaky, buttery, & browned crust. Best served warm with a scoop of ice cream, but it's so good you can eat it plain at room temperature too! Store at room temperature up to three days, then into the fridge. Best if eaten within three days of purchasing. Pies are 10 inches and serve 8 generous slices.


Curbside pickup location: 825 Kenwick Rd, Columbus, OH 43209.

Apple Pie (November/Non-Thanksgiving)

  • Pickup Location (Appointment Required) 825 Kenwick Rd, Columbus, OH 43209

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