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For this very special pie, I go the extra mile and roast locally grown squash (organic Georgia Candy Roasters from 9N farm), because I believe in supporting local farmers and keeping money in our local economy. I add some organic brown sugar, Snowville Creamery cream, local free range eggs, and my own special blend of fair trade spices to make a silky smooth pumpkin custard. Customers wait all year for this one! Store at room temperature for two days, then store in the fridge. Best if eaten within two days of purchasing. Pies are 10 inches and serve 8 generous slices.


Curbside pickup location: 825 Kenwick Rd, Columbus, OH 43209.

Pumpkin Pie (November/Non-Thanksgiving)

  • 825 Kenwick Rd, Columbus, OH 43209

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